Monday, June 2, 2014

TED Talk

TED Talk

A Shark Deterrent Wetsuit

Hamish Jolly

Rated ****

This TED talk is about a man who plans to change the face of ocean swimming, in relation to shark attacks, with his new line of wetsuits in the making.

Hamish Jolly, who is an ocean swimmer from Australia, after hearing about several fatal shark attacks in Australia, decided it would benefit swimmers to have a wetsuit that would protect them from sharks. Protecting themselves from sharks though, does not consist of covering themselves in armor, simply convincing the shark that he is not a sort of nourishment is enough to protect him from its dangerous jaws. Because a shark uses its vision as the last crucial stage before an attack, disrupting a shark's visual perception will cause it to either avoid the attack, or delay it so you can escape. This can be achieved by either wearing a wetsuit that has black and white bands, to convince the shark that you are poisonous or unsuitable to eat, or by wearing a suit that will camouflage you so the shark cannot find you.

This new technology will prove to be very important in the ever modernizing ocean activity world, and these wetsuits will save a great deal of lives from potential shark attacks.

Jolly, Hamish. "A Shark Deterrent Wetsuit." Web. 2 June 2014.

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