Monday, June 2, 2014

The Case For the Triple-P

The Case For the Triple-P

By: Alex Matthew

Rating: 4/5

The case for the triple-p is an article about a kayak rescue technique called parallel park and pump (PPP). This technique is the most effective in rough waters where capsizing is the most likely.

The technique for the PPP is to position your kayak parallel to the upturned one, dedicate most of your weight to it, roll it upright and secure it while the swimmer re-enters. If the kayak has a bilge pump they will then pump out any water, but if it doesn't, then they will paddle to calmer waters before emptying it out.

I liked this article because as a kayaker, I find it a useful resource if ever I decide to go white water kayaking. It's also interesting for me as I already learned the canoe rescue from our canoeing unit, so learning the different ones for kayaking is expanding my expertise of boating.

Matthew, Alex. "The case for the Triple-P." Coast & Kayak Magazine 1 Jan. 2014: 48-49. Print.

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