Friday, June 6, 2014

The Triple P coast and kayak

The Triple-P

Rating **** out of *****

The triple-p is a very simple rescue technique. There are no fancy manoeuvres no glitz and nothing “sexy”. It is nice, simple and easy. Triple-p which stands for, parallel park and pump is one of the best rescue techniques you can perform in rough water. There are 4 steps to a ppp rescue. Step 1 – The rescuer must come up beside the capsized kayak and commit your weight onto the overturned kayak. Next you need to secure the paddles and then roll the kayak back upright while still leaning toward the overturned kayak. After the rescuer leans all his weight on to the now upright kayak while securely gripping it while the swimmers re-enters his kayak. Finally the kayaker gets into his kayak, fitting everything back so no more water enters. Following these steps you can perform your own ppp rescue. 

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