Monday, September 22, 2014

Arches Loop – Utah Mountain

Outdoor Ed Article #1

Arches Loop – Utah Mountain

Rating: **

This is a detailed overview of one of the most popular routes in Arches National park in Utah. It’s a bit dry, but is still fairly interesting.
The article is a description of a very popular route in the park. It goes through all of the different stretches, and it varies from hilly off roading to smooth, flat, road biking. It gives options to extend or shorten the route based on skill level or time constraints, and also makes suggestions for various pieces of gear.
While it is not the most interesting article to read, it is a good route guide. I have always thought that Arches was a beautiful place, and would really like to go there. I think that the best and most fun way to explore the park would be by bike. This article has provided me with a good beginner route to start out on should I ever get to go there and see the sights!

Arches Loop. Utah Mountain Web.

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