Monday, September 22, 2014

Parts of a Canoe

Naming of Parts-Canoes: By Tamia Nelson

Rating: ****

If you are looking to start/ continue canoeing, knowing the parts of the canoe is the first step to becoming a seasoned paddler.

Tamia explains all of the parts of the canoe (Thwart and Rocker to name a few), and expresses that not all canoes are the same, but they have the same parts. She explains what each of the parts are and how they work on the boat.

This article made me think of the canoe trip we just had, and how fun it was. I think that if I had known the parts of the canoe better, I could have expressed my thoughts better to my canoe group and we could have had a smoother trip. Also, just knowing the parts of a canoe makes you sound more educative and people will listen to what you have to say about the canoe.

Nelson, Tamia. Naming of Parts-Canoe. , 2001. Web.

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