Friday, September 26, 2014

Canine Canoeing: taking your pooch for a paddl

                This article explains a safe and comfortable way to canoe with your dog. She explains how to keep your dog happy and healthy while in the canoe.
 The article says to first get a wide, stable canoe to insure that your dog feels comfortable to get in. Next is to put a towel or something similar on the bottom of the canoe so your dog does not slip. One problem that the author had was that her dog wanted to sit on her lap while she was canoeing. To stop him from doing that she tied one of his floating toys around the thwart to keep him entertained. She also recommended bringing an extra water bottle for the long hot days and taking lots of breaks on shore. Also on the sunny days to hang a towel over the top of the canoe to provide some shade for the dog.
This article was helpful from me because my family just got a new puppy and would like to bring her canoeing when we get back to the cottage.
Ascroft, Sheila. "Canine Canoeing" 25/09/2014 <>.

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