Thursday, September 25, 2014

Article # 1

Kyle Svachula, 12, catches 53-inch muskie, then celebrates artistically

*** - Good article

Kyle Svachula age 12, catches a gigantic fish that will keep his standards high and his father proud.

Kyle went to eagle lake to do some father - son fishing. They asked the locals where they thought the best place to fish was. They pointed them to the right direction. After casting for a little over an hour Kyle got a bite. After a hard fought 20 min battle the 53- inch, 40 pound muskie surfaces.
After Kyle landed the fish, it was too heavy to carry so his dad put it on his lap. It was a trip to remember!

This article impressed me a lot. Kyle was able to reel in a fish people dream to catch and he wasn’t even able to lift it. He will forever share that moment with his extremely glad Dad and I am happy that they could experience that moment together. This makes me want to fish in bigger areas then I have previously. When I go fishing if I don't catch anything within the first 30 mins I get discouraged. I have learned that I must keep my hope high!

What I learned from this article is that being in the outdoors requires patience and if you are patient you will get rewarded.

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