Friday, September 26, 2014

Everest, the Really Hard Way- Article 1

Everest, the Really Hard Way
Author: Jonathan Hanson
Rating: ****

This article is about how Tom Whittaker, amputee mountaineer, challenges himself to climb thee dangerous Mt. Everest.

Tom Whittaker lost his right foot and kneecap in 1979 from a drunk driver. He has climbed some other dangerous mountains already such as Mount McKinley. With a group of just 5 other climbers, some veterans of Everest and some friends, will try to make it to the peak of the worlds most dangerous mountain, where many have died before. If Tom completes this challenge, he will be this first disabled climber ever to do so.

I thought this article was absolutely inspiring and courageous. This man had his leg taken from him by a drunk driver and he didn't lose hope and give up on his dreams, he continued to push himself. I myself love to push myself to the extremes of my abilities, and that's exactly what Tom strives for. I believe that Tom is capable of doing this.

I recommend this article to whom ever doesn't believe that they have what it takes because, if you really try to achive something you can do it.

Hanson, Jonathan. Everest, the Really Hard Way. Outside, May 1998. Print.

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