Saturday, September 27, 2014

Canoeing: Keeping the Inside Dry and the outside wet

Canoeing: Keeping the Inside Dry and the outside wet
by: Darren Bush
Rating : ****

This article explains the techniques of how to keep a canoe balanced, and things to do and not to do while in a canoe.

He always hears people say how canoes are so “tippy”. But he always tells them that it isnt the canoe that is tippy.. Its the paddlers who are tippy. An example he always gives is “ How wide is a canoe?” then he compares it to a bike. What he says is true. A canoe in the water can stay up with tipping over on its own. but a bike.. It cant. It just tips over every time.

His theory of how to keep the canoe stable while paddling is the N-N-N theory. “Nose over navel, navel over nuts.” Although this phrase is a little immature. It sticks in peoples heads and it works. By keeping your head, torso and hips aligned in the canoe, the canoe still may rock back and forward, from natural causes like waves,  wind, and currents, it is still completely stable, and its very unlikely that it will tip over.

I really enjoyed this article, and I would recommend for everyone that canoes to read it. It was funny so it kept me interested and I thought that all his points he made were very clear and easy to understand.

Bush, Darren. Canoeing: Keeping the Inside Dry and the outside wet. Art of Manliness. May 7th 2012 Web.

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