Sunday, September 28, 2014

Footwear For Canoeing : What to wear when

                    Footwear for Canoeing : What to wear when

By - Laurie March

Rating ***

This artical is great if you are unsure about what shoes to wear when you go on a canoe trip.

In this artical Laurie explains what type of shoes is good to wear when you are just canoeing, when you are portaging and when you are at camp. She says that when you are in the canoe sandals with sturdy straps are the best, because you won't have to worry about getting them ruined when wet, but the aren't good for portaging. Proper hiking boots or shoes with the proper socks are what you should wear, to help avoid bad blisters and sprained ankles.

I found this artical was great if you are new to canoeing and you unsure of what footwear to wear, but it isn't the most informative for people with more experience and are looking for suggestions of new shoes. 

I found this artical very understanding and easy to read, also wasn't too long. I would recommend it to those who are new to canoeing and portaging.

March, Laurie . Footwear for Canoeing: What to wear when . Outdoor Adventure Canada . Copyright 2001-2003

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