Thursday, September 25, 2014

Get Hooked on Nature - Ben Klasky (TEDx)

Get Hooked on Nature - Ben Klasky (TEDx)

★★★★☆ (Very Good)

Nature is the best cure for everything, get hooked on it.

Ben Klasky brilliantly explains how nature has the ability to solve some of the most complex issues in our lives, without going to in-depth into any one topic he keeps you concentrated and holds your attention while conveying his information. After showing the statistics such as rising obesity rates, Ritalin use and screen time among kids in america he explains how this can negatively affect your health, and how nature is the best solution.

After taking a number of inner-city kids out for a camp in the forest, a young girl who recently had a traumatic experience opened up and could not stop talking after seeing a deer for the first time, a few rough kids not even phased by gunshots scared by twigs snapping on the side if the trail and curiosity from the group in general it was easy to see how amazing a new experience can be.

This article really made me think about those who stay home and don’t get out often and how much they could benefit from going outside more often.

Get hooked on nature: Ben Klasky at TEDxRainier

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