Thursday, September 25, 2014

Does Hunting help or hurt the Environment? By: Yovana

Does Hunting help or Hurt the Environment? – Bill Davis
Rating: **
This article by Bill Davis expresses the controversy, if hunting helps or hurts the environment. Is it just the way of life or is it simply cruel pleasure?
This story talks about one of the controversial issues that we have in today’s reality. Does hunting help or hurt the environment? This subject can be argued both ways. Some people might say that it’s just the way of life. That every animal species including human were once either preys or predators in evolution history. Hunting could also be effectively used to slow down the overpopulation rates of some out growing specimens, but many environmental advocate can argue that those targeted species can result into a loss of biological diversity and ecological balance.  
This article really helps us think through how human pleasure now days, not only have an influence on ourselves, but can cause huge impacts of the environment. This story definitely got me thinking of all the pleasure that us humans take from the environment. How sometimes we are so blinder by our wants and forget about our surrounding and the things we affect.
I would recommend this article if you are one who is an environmentalist and who likes controversial topics issues.

Davis, Bill. Does hunting help or hurt the environment?. SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN.  

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