Friday, September 26, 2014

Nature Photographers

Author: Jim Erhardt


This Article explains how each photographer taking nature pictures has a different idea on what nature pictures are. Each person who enjoys photography and does this has a different specific thing they like. The Article goes on to talk about 5 different tips to nature photography. The first one was to focus on nature and not just the technology, like the camera or computer effects. The second thing is to look for different and unique moments and wait for the right time. The third tip was to be patient and persevere to get the best photos you can. The final tip was to perfect your technique and get used to your camera.

Reading this article showed me techniques and things to do to get better pictures and these tips would apply for more then just nature shots. Focusing on nature, knowing my camera, and waiting for the perfect moment are things that this article proved that I should do more and be better at them. It will make me change how I take my photos and how I will look at them. All in all it was a great article and I would recommend it to people who enjoy photography and want to learn more.

Goodall, Andrew. “Nature Photography That Sells: Five Essential Tips.” 09 Nov 2008. 2014-09-22.

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