Friday, September 26, 2014

Why Bent Paddles Are Best For Cruising

Authour:Cliff Jacobsen Rating:**** This article is about different types of paddles for canoeing. Cliff Jacobsen, the author of this article, tells his story of how he fell in love with bent shaft paddles. After a trip with some friends to steel river, Ontario, Cliff had been bothered by a wrist injury. It was suggested to him to switch to bent paddles, so he tried them and has stuck with them ever since. There are different types of single bend paddles. They range from 1°-15°. The most popular however, is 12°. People with shoulder problems often prefer double bend paddles, but the single bends are more popular. As for weight, you will want maximum one pound. (The lighter the better) When I am canoeing, I prefer a shorter paddle; however longer paddles are better for control. For whitewater canoeing, straight paddles are better as they provide more control. Jacobsen, Cliff. "Why Bent Paddles Are Best For Cruising". Date Unknown.

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