Friday, September 26, 2014

Top 4 Water proof backpacks

The best backpacks for water
-Joe Jackson

Rating: ***

         After the canoe trip I thought it would have been nice to have had a nice backpack to myself. I did some research and this is what turned up. This article is a list of the best four waterproof backpacks you can buy and have been tested in the Grand Canyon. The article focuses on how waterproof each pack was and also how comfortable each pack is.

         The article helped me realize the best backpack for me if I were to do another camping trip into the wilderness. This pack is the Seal Line Black Canyon Boundary Portage Pack 35L. This pack is the most durable out of the bunch and has a very simple design. All it is is a dry sac with some comfy straps and it gets the job done. I think this would be a great addition to my camping gear as it is small enough to fit in a canoe and durable enough that I know I wont have to replace it anytime soon.

         I now know my next purchase and think it will be able to serve me well over the next trips I hope to go on.

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