Friday, September 26, 2014

Buying a Canoe
Things to consider before you make your purchase

Brad Wipperman

Rating: *****

                This article talks about all the different types of canoes and witch one somebody would need for their trip in particular. It goes through what type of canoe you need if you’re soloing, what type you need for rapids, how big it needs to be to support weight, the material it’s made out of and how that affects its durability, maneuverability and maintenance and much more aspects when purchasing a canoe.

                This article helped me understand the mechanics of a canoe a lot better and what aspects of a canoe affect different things like how length affects weight, symmetry affects soloing, and how flat hulls help steadiness. I also found it interesting about the different materials used in canoes like a Kevlar canoe that is very light but also very fragile or Royalex canoes that are good for rapids and white-water because of its flexibility. I also noticed that it says you should have at least 6 inches of freeboard and noticed that on the canoe trip with me and mat and all the packs in the canoe we were way less than 6 inches near the stern.

                Overall I thought that this article was a great article for people thinking about getting a canoe and definitely a must read before purchasing a canoe because there are so many factors that go into buying one.

Wipperman, Brad. "Outdoor Adventure Canada." Buying a Canoe. 2013.  outdoor adventure press. 25 September 2014.<>

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