Monday, September 29, 2014

Trip Reflection

 I thought that the canoe trip was an awesome experience that couldn't have been any better in my opinion. Our group, camping and cooking, communicated and cooperated very well together and I feel like we got everything done that we needed to effectively and efficientlly. Clothing wise I think I was fairly prepared, I had a lot of wind resistance and rain resistant clothing which helped a lot on Sunday when it completely down poured. I also brought two pairs of shoes and I managed to actually keep one dry just as planned.

During the trip I thought our cooking, camping, and tent groups all communicated and got along very well. It really was a positive environment with a bunch of happy people. I learned a couple things too, for instants when looking for wood you have to go very far in the forest and you're not looking for big dead logs that are on the ground you're looking for the tall white colored logs that are standing up without any leaves or branches on them. These trees are important and very well firewood because they're dead which makes them really dry and burn hot and for a long time. Another thing I learned is that it's very important to respect and treat the environment and the wildlife very very well because, the simplest of things for instance leaving a pack of sunflower seeds in or outside your tent could be life-threatening in case of any animal such as a bear or even a racoon could make quite a mess of your things.

I really enjoyed this trip, I thought it was a great way to bond with people who I wouldn't usually hang out with outside of school and to got to get to know them better. The things I would do next time if I were to go on a trip like this again, would be, bring more food. Our group brought food for 20 people because that's how much we were told we needed to feed but each person is going to eat more then an average serving after a full day canoeing and I think all the people getting extra food would've made the current day and next day more efficient and better because they would've had more energy. One thing that I was surprised with was how many mice there were, I guess I just didn't think about seeing them at all because it's not the first animal you think of if you leave some food out. It also surprised me how many mice they're actually were, just because we saw them everywhere, sometimes they were inside our tens or our bags or even just running around by the fire.

If I was to get offered to go on a camping trip like this again I would for sure say yes in a heartbeat because, even with bad weather you can still have an awesome time and we had really nice weather up until the last day and I recommend anybody who likes adventure in the outdoors to definitely try something like this because there's nothing like actually doing it.

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