Thursday, October 2, 2014

James Byrn


By: Tyler Lehouillier



In this article is about James Byrn and creating the North Fork championship (NFC), which just finished its third season. James was born near Glacier National Park in Montana, and then moved to Boise, Idaho after he finished nursing schools he could ride the North Fork when ever he could and wanted. During the same weekend as the third year of the NFC James married is girlfriend Regan, in the interview he was asked what the scarier part of his weekend, James said “ Ha ha the race for sure… Marring Regan was the best and easiest decision I’ve ever made.” He was then asked how it was to go down the North Fork at 9,000 cfs, when he then said how he just got back from a flooded South Salmon, and how that was the biggest wastewater he’s ever seen and done and helped them prepare for the 9,000 cfs North Fork. He was still felling it from when he went down South Salmon and was keen to send it down Jacob’s ladders and the golf course.      

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