Thursday, October 23, 2014


I’m writing my article on Adventura. Adventura is a magazine about sports and being properly equipped. like having the proper hiking backpack and also touches holidays a little bit. This magazine was published in summer 2012. This magazine targets and audience thats new to hiking, people looking for a nice holiday and touches base on new hiking gadgets. This magazine consists of 31 interesting pages, and i assume its been published 4 times but not sure when.

There are a couple articles on each page, and each one varies in its topic. The articles talk about olympians, and what it takes to be one. It talks about dream destinations and holidays, proper equipment like shoes and the hiking pack. It also talks about the needed equipment for hiking, and great destinations to hike thats in our backyard, like the provincial parks and such. It talks about things you should know before you go hiking like the weather. It talks about the good brand of hiking equipment to buy vs the bad ones and same for canoeing. It talks about the advances in technology and how good they're becoming, like watches showing heart rate and calories lost. These things are very valuable, these are very valuable to know because if you go somewhere thinking one thing but another thing happens, you could be in some serious trouble. like going hiking for a couple days thinking it will be hot and sunny, but really it turns out to be rainy and cold.

This magazine shows hikers or outdoorsmen the large variety of destinations that you can visit in you can visit in your own backyard like the provincial parks in quebec, or to places like the mountains in outaouais for great sights and trails. It talks about the experience a few hikers had there and they talk about the sightseeing. There is even an article about africa, and the great sights, and getting to see elephants and giraffes and how it is a once in a lifetime experience. This also talks about the great places you can visit in a canoe, like caves and such.

In Summary, this magazine has something for everybody, from a weekend hike to an outdoor excursion. It covers the new technology you can use and the supplies needed for someone thats new to hiking. It is very informative and makes you want to be an outdoorsman person. of you aren't one already and makes you want to visit these great sightseeing places, and places to go for your holidays to relax.

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