Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How to plan a successful canoe trip

How to plan a successful canoe trip – Kris Popp

Felix Shier
October 28th 2014

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            In this article the author shows the readers the right path ahead of going on a canoe trip. A canoe trip is not like other forms of camping and requires some different items packed as well as packed in a way to keep them dry.  This article shows how important the planning of a canoe trip is.

            Canoeing is a very different form of travel compared to your average camping trips but overall they are fairly similar. Much like hiking, canoeing is great for physical activity, and for socializing with others. When planning a canoe trip there are some things you will have to consider whilst planning. One of them is whether you will be going alone with your group, or whether you will be going with a company or a guide. Another thing to consider is the capability of your group; you should not be going on an extreme canoe trip with a lot of portaging with a bunch of first timers. If you have some people that do not feel prepared then it would be best for you all to stick together and pick a slightly easier route. It is suggested that when going on a canoe trip you should have at least three boats in your group. An important part of a canoe trip is working together and staying together so make sure you choose your group members wisely because you’re going to be with them for a while and you might as well go with people who will help along the way.

            If I ever go on a canoe trip I think what I have learned from this article will be very useful. It will help with the planning and I will remember what to bring and what to consider before leaving. This article makes me thing about how fun a canoe trip would be to go on and how I would need to be careful in the planning stages to make sure I remember everything this article has taught me. After reading this article I have learned that the planning part of a canoe trip is one of the most important parts and that choosing the people to canoe with is very important. This article has inspired me to one day go on a canoe trip with a bunch of people and it will change my behavior by making me think about the planning a little bit more than I would have.

            This was a very interesting article about planning a canoe trip and I believe in the future it will come in use for me because it has inspired me to take part in a canoe trip.

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