Thursday, October 16, 2014

Amy Phillips Article-Car Camping Guide

Car Camping Guide-Unknown


Rating: ****


This was an interesting article because it gives the reader good tips about camping. I would find this very helpful if I was about to go camping for the first time.


The article Car Camping Guide explains to you a basic description of what you will find in the average drive-in campsite.  (Water spigots, picnic tables, barbecue pits, even electric hookups.) It tells you how to get set up quickly and then start exploring the wilderness. If you brought a car it serves as a secure storage unit overnight. The article tells you what to expect for example expect to have RVs and trailers as neighbors and gives other good advice like how to set up a tent and what kind of equipment you will need.

This article affected me by reminding me of my camping trips and also giving advice for next time. It made me think of all the times I’m set up a tent in the past. On my last camping trip I’d brought a smaller tent to reduce weight and save space but according to this article a bigger round spaced tent is most efficient. I learned new techniques and advice and it has inspired me to be better prepared for the outdoors. It will definitely change the way I think next time I prepared for a camping trip.

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