Friday, October 17, 2014

The Oldest Canoe in the World

The Oldest Canoe in the World
Almost Tossed as Junk
By: Doug Scott
Rating: ***

This article is about how Jermey Ward, curator of the Canadian Canoe Museum, searches for the oldest canoe in the world.

Jeremy Ward searches for the oldest canoe in the world and his search leads him to an ancient birchbark canoe that dates back before 1825. The canoe was built by New Brunswick's Maliseet Nation. After being sold or stolen it, was shipped to Ireland, where Jeremy Ward discovered it. It was returned to Canada in 2007 and put into the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in Fredricton New Brunswick. However, there has been word of an even older canoe that dates back to the 1780's, so is there another ancient canoe undiscovered yet?

I thought this article was interesting because we are talking about a wooden birchbark canoe, not a metal one, so it is amazing how it is still in tact. I also liked how driven Jeremy Ward is for tracking the canoe all over the world, and when he found it he wanted to know where it came from and it's natural creators.

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