Tuesday, October 14, 2014

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Joshua Broesamle

The outlaw trails of Gatineau Park: NCC may crack down on use 

By: Don Butler


This article hits close to home, as i talks about Gatineau park which is located just outside of Ottawa on the Quebec side of the river. In the article it talks about the unmarked trails that run threw out Gatineau park and the tension that it creates between the users of the park and the National Capital Commission Or NCC for short. The use of these unmarked "outlaw" trails have been around for years, but now the park is attempting to sway users to discontinue the use of these trails by planning to set up a more comprehensive trail system. The reason the park does not want users to use these unmarked trails is both ecologic and public safety. The reason that some people use these trails is the fact that they are closer to nature and are more fun and interesting then the paved gravel roads of Gatineau park .

This article really  opened my eyes to the controversy.  I was not aware that Gatineau park had this kind of problem. I understand why, for I do find that there paved gravel roads do become quite dull after a longer hike. What i didn't know is the ecological impact that these outlaw trails have. The amount of impact alone should dissuade people from using the trails.With this new information in mind i will now have a better understanding and respect for Gatineau park as a whole. I also am now very exited to see the new trails that the park will produce.

Butler Don. " The outlaw trails of Gatineau Park: NCC may crack down on use" Ottawa Citizen   Postmedia Network. 02 October 2014 http://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/the-outlaw-trails-of-gatineau-park-the-ncc-may-crackdown-on-use

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