Monday, October 13, 2014

"Hatchet" by Gary Paulsen


-by Gary Paulsen
Hatchet is an exciting novel about surviving in the wilderness of Canada.

 When the 13 year old Brian Robinson is on a little plain on the way to is father, the pilot suffers a heart attack and dies. After he assimilated the shock he somehow manages to land the plane in a lake and rescues himself on land. But he is without any food or drinking water and he has to learn how to live from the nature around him. During his time in the wilderness he has to fight an upset stomach, several animals like a bear, skunk, moose and also wolves or has to deal with a tornado.
In that summer he lives through the evaluation of human where he starts with eating berries only and works up to hunt down meat with the usage of tools he figured out by himself.
At the end Brian is rescued, but he learned a lesson for his life and will always look at things like wealth differently than before.

I really liked this book and for a certain time it was actually on of my favorites. I like it because it made me think about the situation of being lost, alone and without food or anything that I am used to. Still I often have to think of that, like at our Hiking trip in the Frontenac Park. I was thinking how I could provide myself with food, if I would get lost, or where I would sleep. I think it’s important to know that something like that could happen to everybody and that it’s even more important to know how to act in a situation like that. 

"Hatchet" a novel by Gary Paulsen, published in 1987

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