Wednesday, October 8, 2014

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Backpacking 101: What You Need to Know to Get Started
by Monica Prelle

rating ***

This article is a great introduction to backpacking for the uninformed. It goes through the steps of preparation and testing needed before hitting the trail as well as how to act while on the trail and in camp.

The author goes into detail on all of the steps to prepare for a backpacking adventure. Using her knowledge gained from previous experiences she explains how to train your body physically as well as preparing and testing your gear to ensure that your gear and body operate at peek performance while on the trail. The author goes into greater detail on basic etiquette around the campsite and on the trail to ensure that you and others can enjoy the outdoors to the greatest extent. This includes dealing with waste, garbage, cleaning dishes and properly putting out campfires.

I enjoyed reading this article as it introduced me to an experience that has a more free feeling than conventional camping. I found out how to prepare physically and also how to prepare gear to go on a backpacking adventure. This article has sparked an interest in the topic and I will have to do some further read into the subject.

I would recomend this articale to anyone who has tried camping or hiking and is looking for a new interesting adventure.

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