Friday, October 10, 2014

How Hiking Is Good For Body and Mind- By Kara Mayer Robinson


How Hiking Is Good for Body and Mind is a great article to read as it gives you important information about how you can get the best out of a hike both physically and mentally.

This article gives you examples and advice about how you can become a better hiker and how you should hike according to your own skills and fitness level. For example, if you are new to hiking, you should start slow and go for short hikes that match your physical capabilities. It is also scientifically proven that hiking will improve your overall mood, as mentioned in this article. This article also talks about how hiking will improve your fitness. It improves your cardio, core strength, lowers risk of heart disease and strengthens your muscles (hips, lower legs, etc.).

Having just come back from a hiking trip, this article really helps me understand the benefits of hiking, and certainly makes me interested in hiking more often in the future. This article really helps you realize the benefits of hiking both physically and mentally. It is a quick, easy read that provides you with the necessary facts about what hiking can do for you. I didn't know that hiking had so many benefits other than cardio, and it is a better workout than I originally thought. Hiking in the future will certainly help me with other sports or activities that I regularly participate in (E.x., soccer, volleyball, etc.)

Robinson, Kara. How Hiking Is Good For Body and Mind. Sep.15,2013.

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