Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Buying a Canoe: Things to Consider Before You Make Your Purchase - Brad Wipperman

Buying a Canoe: Things to Consider Before You Make Your Purchase - Brad Wipperman


This article was very helpful and full of information that is relevant to and for all those who love canoeing and hope to purchase their own.

This author starts by saying the price range for a canoe, which is between $800 and $4000 dollars. He then goes on to say, in depth, on each aspect of what you need to look for. He says you need to look for what type of trip the canoe will be used for, how many people will be in the canoe when you use it, how the seats are constructed, the length, the width and the height of the canoe, is it an asymmetrical or a symmetrical canoe, and many more things. The author has clearly laid out all the differences between different types of canoes and how those differences may affect the canoe in the long run. At the end of the article, he states that it would be a good idea to go and rent some canoes before buying, to figure out which kind you may like. When you narrow your choice down to a couple of canoes, you can discuss with some canoeists about which one would be best fitted for you.

This article has had an informative impact on me. My dad has been looking into buying a canoe for a while, so now that I know all the parameters that would help influence a decision, I might be able to help. This article made me think about The different aspects of a canoe and how something that may seem inconsequential, like a keel line, can influence something so big, like the stability and the direction of travel. I didn’t know that there was an asymmetrical type of canoe, upon which the author shed some light. It has inspired me to assist my dad in finding a canoe that will be perfect for our annual canoe trips.

Wipperman, Brad, “Buying a Canoe Things to Consider Before You Make Your Purchase”, Outdoor Adventure Canada, Outdoor Adventure Press, n.d., 7 Oct. 2014

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