Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Bear Necessities - By: Dave's Outdoor Life

The Bear Necessities

By: Dave's Outdoor Life

Review By: Kyle Godin 

Rating: ***

     What should you do when you encounter a Black Bear. Do run down a hill, Do you climb a tree or do you fight back or play dead? Well you shouldn't do any of those things because most likely the bear will beat you in any of those situation's. 

   This article the Bear Necessities is a very informative article that demonstrates what you should when you encounter a Black Bear because Black Bears are the most common bear you will see in the province of Ontario. This article tells you how to survive a encounter with a bear if you do ever encounter one. It tells you that make yourself appear bigger then you are by waving your hands in the air, walk backwards to give the bear a escape route, always keep your eyes on the bear just not in the eyes and if you are traveling in groups make lots of noise.  There are many things you shouldn't do when encountering a bear you definitely do not run away because it is instinct for the bear to chase you just like a dog and you have no chance of getting away. The bear Necessities is good article to read before you go camping where there is a lot of animal activity and you must understand how to defend your self if you encounter a wild animal.

   I thought the Bear necessities was a good article and it was interesting to see what you should do if you encounter a Black Bear in the wild.

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