Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Canoe trip reflection
Brice Anderson
The trip that I went on was the 4 day canoe trip which was in Algonquin Park.
During the whole trip I found it challenging in some parts and also very fun in other parts. Some parts I found challenging was portaging canoes and packs for long distances at a time while taking 2 or even 3 trips back. Another thing I found challenging was maintaining speed in the canoe to be able to travel kilometers at a time.

I learned during the trip that you need to have good teamwork with almost everything that we did on the trip. One thing my group well with teamwork was cooking food, we all did an equal amount to help cooking and cleaning dishes. We had enough food for every person in the group. Our tent during the entire trip held well, not letting rain come in and pegs stayed down

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