Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Future of the Outdoors.  (Ted talks)

With the newer generations and all this new technologies there are many different pass times that people can choice. What once was one of the most popular past time has now become a less common activity for the newer generations. Today I will be explaining why.

 Back in the day baby boomers were the heart of the group of campers that were always doing camping and canoeing trips. Now with the younger generation the great outdoors has become more of a challenge and they have started to stay away from it. Form what surveys have shown there are main 5 reasons.  Them being there not being a lot of comfort when outdoors, they don’t feel like they have enough experiences, they don’t have the right equipment, don’t have any transport, and most importantly there is a lack of interest. Although camping canoeing and RVing have gone down in popularity, outdoor adventure races, white water rafting and other adrenaline runs and activities have all grown in popularity. This is because usually these activities only take the time spawn of a day, take a lot less preparation and look better when on social media. As sad as it may be for these activities to become popular again we would need to have an addition of technologies and maybe work on the comfort level during a trip. Hopefully after someone does a trip the more comfortable way they might want to try the real thing next.

This is a hopeful out come so that we can keep this tradition going for generations to come because there a lot of learning and growing that goes in to camping /canoeing.

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