Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Day Hiking Essentials: Things to Bring Along on Your Adventure 

Ahmad El-Arab

                                              Outdoor Adventure Canada

                                                         Rating: ***

        Day Hiking Essentials: Things to Bring Along on Your Adventure is an article which describes what utilities one should bring on their adventure. It ranges from necessities, to how to maintain energy and importance of bringing extras. 

The article starts off with the author reminiscing on his past hiking trips. This reminded him of a time when he noticed a couple that went hiking ill prepared. This made him realize that not everyone understands the basics of what to bring on trip and how to be prepared. He then goes on explaining the importance of bringing water on the trip to remain hydrated. He explains the amount of water one should bring, as well as what kind of water bottles one should use compared to those that aren't as good. He also recommends bringing a purifier or a water filter. Continuing from this, he moves on to the type of clothing one should wear depending on the season and weather, as well as the importance of layered clothing. He also gives advice on good footwear depending on the terrain to the kind of socks one should wear. He also lists out other essentials, as well as recommendations to what one should carry in their first aid kit. Moving on from essentials, he describes the importance of eating during your trip, from big meals to smaller snacks to keep you energized throughout the trip. He then describes how one should handle their camera to where they should keep it and protect it. He then finishes off on how important it is to bring spares as a precaution. 

Personally, I found this article rather helpful. Many people seem to forget that others may not understand whats important and whats not when it comes to hiking, as they think of it as common knowledge. But this article helps those who are starting out or who are wishing to be starting out with the fundamentals. Another thing of note on this article is how the author describes the importants of each criteria, without going into full detail. Instead, the author choses to give a quick point of each subject, while spanning over many different subjects. However, he gives enough detail for the reader to understand the importance of each subject by keeping it simple. I learned many things from this article as someone who is starting out in the outdoors, as it taught me on the importance of what kind of footwear to what kinds of foods I should bring along with me. on a hiking trip.In short, I believe that anybody who wishes to begin hiking, should read this article. For this article is short, simple, yet both very useful and helpful. 

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  1. Great review - good article choice. Hope you remember his tips.