Friday, October 31, 2014

Deer safety

Deer Safety

By: Alvina Siddiqui

Reviewed by: Kyle Godin

Rating: ***

       This article tells its viewers how to be safe around white tailed deer in Canada because their have been many cases in which some people have died when encountering a deer. These kinds of animals are dangerous because they can be a hazard while you are driving or even out in the wild.

 The article  tells us that deer are typically nocturnal they can be active at any time but most people spot them either at dusk or dawn. The reason why white tail deer can be dangerous is because they carry a disease known as Lyme disease and they can also carry ticks. Also deer are also known to be causes in car accident to do they tend to cross roads during the night and end up getting hit by cars which is not only bad for the deer because if you hit the deer in a speeding vehicle it could crash through the wind shield and kill the driver and passenger. When in the forest or driving a car you should always be careful around deer because they may seem to be simple and fun creatures but in the end they can also be very dangerous.

 In my opinion I think this was a well written article to describe how and dangerous a encounter with a deer could be and if you should avoid a deer or not. I recommend reading this article if you are planning a trip in a place were dear are active and even though they are nice animals you must always be alert. 


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