Sunday, November 2, 2014

Safe Camping in Bear Country
Rating: ****
Emma Cummings

Encountering a bear can be a fearful incident while camping.

In this article, tips and tricks are provided to backpack and camp safely in bear country. Some of the tips given are cook and eat dinner before getting to camp and avoid popular camping areas to reduce the risk of encountering a bear. This article also includes information on bear proofing your campsite by cooking at least 100 yards away from your tent, keeping a clean camp, and never bringing food into your tent. The article also provides information about food storage around camp; some tricks it gives are never leaving your food unattended, never keeping food in your tent, and knowing how to properly hang your food. Some things it suggests doing about hanging your bag is to place all your food and scented items in a waterproof stuff sack, and tying your food bag 12ft from the ground, 6ft below the branch and 10ft from the trunk of the tree.

This article will help me prepare for my next camping trip. It has made me think about the need to properly bear proof my campsite. I learned tips and tricks to reduce and prevent encounters with bears specifically related to food storage and hanging your food bag. I’ll be sure to use this information in the future.

I look forward to my next camping trip. 

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