Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Everest’s Most Dangerous Stunt yet?

Everest’s Most Dangerous Stunt yet? by Ryan Krogh

Rating: ****

This article was about how one man was planning on climbing Mount Everest to do a crazy stunt off the top of the highest mountain in the world.

Joby Ogwyn is the daredevil in question. In 2012, he jumped out of a plane, at 27,000 feet and flew by Everest in a wing suit, and landed at one of the many basecamps on Everest. This was a prerequisite for his next stunt; jumping off the top of Everest in a wing suit, and again, do a tour of the mountain. His jump is going to be recorded, documented and filmed by Discovery. The plan of attack is to climb the mountain, the forth escalation for Ogwyn, with 3 other expert climbers. Once he reaches the summit, he will jump from a launch pad created by his support team, so as not to slip on initial jump. After jumping, he will try to land at Base Campe and if not, will land in a valley nearby.

This article was very interesting for me because you get some insight on how hard it is to organize and to perform one of these stunts. It all involves careful planning, from liftoff to touchdown. In the article, it says that 300 people are working on this project, trying to ensure that everything runs smoothly. For me this is a good example of how you can never have to much planning, especially when it comes to the outdoors. I think this article will help me to let other help me do the planning on things because a second opinion would always help.

Krogh, Ryan. 'Everest's Most Dangerous Stunt Yet?'. Outside Online. N.p., 2014. Web. 29 Oct. 2014.

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  1. Also shows you how much money goes into crazy stunts!