Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Deer camp

                                              By: Greg Watts       
            In this article it talks about Greg Watts (the narrator), and Tyler Mccaul, and there buddy Shane living to gather in a small weird house in the middle of there town. They moved out there with a goal to make a run straight out of mountain bikers dream. After making a small line good for warm ups and trying new tricks, they started going after the task of the big line with massive jumps. Nearing the end of there big line, they got two weeks of none stop rain; witch was good for the drought the town was in but not for them. After everything was done, Greg reflected about having the camp in his back yard, he went on to say how amazing he thought I was to have all the ramps to use anytime he wanted, and to mess around with the lines anytime he needed to.       

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