Thursday, October 30, 2014

Getting up in Powder

Getting up in Powder - Whitelines Basics
by Mike Brindley 


"Getting Up In Powder" is a short  and simple article which explains the best ways to get up in fresh powder snow as a snowboarder.

This article talks about the important basics when you are snowboarding off the piste and explains the basic techniques to get up in powder-snow.
I like this article because it is short, easy to understand and well structured.
It reminded me of some general rules for snowboarding and gave me some new stuff to try out for the next time I am standing on a board. I did already knew some of the rules, but the article gave me a full overview of all the important things that you have to consider. While reading this article I got more and more excited for the winter and I am already looking forward to get in the powder and try those tricks myself.

Brindley, Mike; Whitelines Basics

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  1. Heads up - skiing here is a different experience than skiing in the Alps - not as much powder but just as fun!