Thursday, October 30, 2014

How to Start a Campfire- Jeff Adams

Rating: ****

In “How to Start a Campfire”, Jeff Adams describes to readers the proper wood, tools, techniques and safety measures necessary to properly build and maintain a campfire.

This article informs its readers about the proper types of wood needed to build a campfire, and their roles in the process. Tinder is used to start the fire because it’s easily burnable. Kindling is used after tinder. It is usually made up of small branches and twigs. Firewood is the last step of the process. It is what the fire eventually catches onto, and burns over a long period of time. The article also describes the different ways of assembling a fire, like the Teepee, Log Cabin and the Cross fire. It informs readers about how to properly light a fire, and how to put out a fire safely. Sprinkling water over the coals, and stirring them with a stick until they are cool ensures that the fire will not start again in the night. Finally, it goes over the proper safety measures that should be taken when making and attending to a fire.

     This article has made me rethink the way we started our fire on the trip. I now realize that there was a much more effective way to build it. By reading ”How to Start a Campfire”, I have learned the proper safety and fire building techniques necessary to making a fire. I will now be very conscious of how I make a fire, and the precautions I must take when around one. I will be sure to educate my friends and family on what I have learned. “How to Start a Campfire” is a very helpful, and informative article that I believe would benefit all campers to read.  

Gillian Forbes

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