Thursday, October 16, 2014

How to Bear Proof Your Camp - Rick Curtis

How to Bear Proof Your Camp

Author: Rick Curtis

Rating: ***

How to Bear Proof Your Camp is a detailed article of how to hang your food to prevent it from being accessed by bear and other wild animals. 
This article demonstrates the proper techniques of hanging food while you are on a hiking or other type of outdoor trip. It goes over the reasons why hanging your food is a good idea and explores some different ways that a new hiker wouldn’t know. It covers the very basic over the branch ways to the complex mechanical hauling system utilising the trucker’s hitch. Its focus is mainly set on preventing bears from taking your food and gives you many faults to look for in your hanging job that could lead to a bear reaching your food. 
This article taught me some valuable facts on hanging my food. I will definitely utilize the advice that I learned and hopefully it will prevent bears from accessing my food. Surprisingly, I enjoyed reading the article, even though I don’t like fact based articles that much. This encourages me to look for more informative articles that could help me with our outdoor activities in the future. 

Curtis, R. (2014). How to Bear Proof Your Camp. [online] Available at:

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