Thursday, October 16, 2014

outdoor ed pad30 article assignment

Outdoor ed PAD30 article assignment
From the sea to the sky – By: Bryen Dunn
Rating: ****
Brice Anderson
This article is about an Olympic multi medal champion kayaker, Adam van Koeverden, who is kayaking to raise money for an organization called (Right to play) that brings the power of sport and helps children worldwide. Adam has been to Africa 3 times on hiking expeditions. On his trip he completed 4000km in 6 days also in the article Adam explains how he reached his goal and pushed himself physically.

This article affected me by making me think more about good things you can do to raise money. I learned that there are countries out in the world don’t have as many privileges as we have. It also motivated me to consider doing something inspiring to raise money for children in other counties.

Dunn, Bryen. "From the Sea to Sky." Adventura 7 Apr. 2013: 10.

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  1. 4000 km in 6 days? That seems a lot. Good review.