Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How to Solo a Tandem Canoe
By Bryan Hansel
****- interesting and well written

Soloing a tandem canoe isn't easy but if you don't have a partner or if you don't have a solo boat to paddle in this article will teach you some great strokes to use in a tandem canoe.
The article tells you where in the canoe you have to sit, tells you the reasons. You should sit in the middle because if you sit in the stern it will lift the bow up and makes it a lot harder to steer the canoe. This article also tells you the strokes you need to use and how to preform them
- The forward stroke
- The pry
- The draw
- The c-stroke

This article got me thinking about going on a solo camping trip. Knowing now that it isn't that much different than just being the stern with a partner and that the strokes are not all that different. That I can definitely go out on my own in a tandem canoe.

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