Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Awanda Provincial Park;Georgian Bay’s Hidden Gem Author~ Laurie March


  The article I read was interesting it had a lot of info on the topic ( Awanda Pronvincial park) . It was a good read. Right away the article had description about the park without putting too much info on the park.
 The article was based on the provincial park. It stated a bit about the parks history, how the park looks like, and what the park offers to the visitors. The park has many beaches, and a few hiking trails, and it also has 6 campsites for visitors to stay at.
 The article somewhat affected me. It affected me, because with all the camping I do with my family I would love to go camping at Awanda park, but at the same it didn’t affect me, because I have never been to Awanda park. When I was reading this article it made me think about how amazing this park is, and how much fun it would be to go visit it. I would love to go camping there. The article stated man facts about the park, and the person who wrote it (Laurie March) knew a lot about the park. The article deffinetely inspired me to want to go camping more at provincial parks, but it did not make me want to change my behavior.
 This article was a good read, and I would definitely share it to someone who was planning on going camping, because after reading this article it definitely made me want to go camping there.
Sarah Forgie.

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