Thursday, October 23, 2014

How To Start A Fire In The Rain- Cliff Jacobson

Rating: ****

Cliff Jacobson’s article on building a fire even in the rain really goes in detail with both images and steps to really help the reader get a better grasp of the knowledge behind staying warm when you’re wet.

This article explains proper equipment you should pack in case the weather isn’t so friendly and everything from proper organization and structure of your firewood to the safety behind avoiding any injuries. It really reaches out as a great article for beginners to the outdoor environment and scout groups. Giving suggestions of different fire starting materials and a very easy step by step process so you will always stay warm.

I recommend this article to any who wishes to get the most out of their fire whenever the weather is calling for some rain.

Jacobson, Cliff. How to start a fire in the rain. Scouting Magazine, 2011

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