Thursday, October 23, 2014

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9 year old boy survives for 24 hours

By: Paul Thompson

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Tips from a TV show about surviving in the wilderness helps nine year old boy survive for 24 hours.


A nine year old boy survives in the wild after getting separated from his parents when camping. Grayson wynne liked watching a show featuring bear grylls who teaches the viewers about surviving in the wild. Grayson learned that when you’re lost, you should put something behind or a trace of something so that people could be lead to you. Grayson ripped apart his yellow jacket and put traces of it of where he was heading. Grayson then learned to build a shelter and that’s what exactly the nine year old Grayson did. Grayson was found the next day by camp rescuers


I learned that whenever you’re in a crucial situation just as Grayson was in, you should do anything that you learned whether it’s from a TV show or a parent. I learned that easy things such as putting a trace so that people could find you really work.




‘’Boy,nine, survives wilderness thanks to tips from bear grylls’’dailymail’’(2014):June 24th, 2009.Internet.
Mohammad AL-Soheli

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