Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Art of Stealth Camping – Tara Kenny

Senna Koggel

Rating ***

The Art of Stealth Camping is a simple, informative piece about a style of camping not everyone is familiar with.

This piece is written from the author’s point of view as she talks about her past experiences regarding ‘Stealth Camping’. She shares tips and tricks for this style of camping while informing her readers on campground lands as well as ways to connect with nature without paying a fee. Another important thing she mentions is all the preparation involved because of the lack of resources such as showers, or stove tops. Creative methods are also introduced such as 'over the fire' cooking, and showering in nearby natural water resources.

I enjoyed this piece because it showed me a different side to camping as appose to the one I was familiar with. I learned that there are places in Canada where you can stay overnight in the wilderness without paying a cent if you take the right precautions. This piece has inspired me to possibly try this unfamiliar style of camping, and to apply some of her tricks on my future trips.

I recommend this to anyone who enjoys camping and is seeking adventure.

Kenny, Tara. “The Art of Stealth Camping.”  September 11, 2014. http://breathmag.ca  

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