Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Why Getting Outside is So Good for You - Jennipher Walters


     "Why Getting Outside is So Good for You (WGOISGFY)" is an interesting article by Jennipher Walters, explaining the numerous benefits of spending time outdoors. Despite how obvious the benefits of the outdoors may seem, the article is very factual and eye opening.

      The article explains how nature has its healing abilities on humans, she says this based on a study which determined people living closer to trees and greenery have lower cases of depression and anxiety than those living in more urban environments. It continues on and attempts to explain why the outdoors is so good for us. She theorizes that our intake of vitamin D from the sun in the outdoors decreases chances of cancer, obesity, hormonal problems, and improves the immune system. The sun is our bodies natural clock, so by increasing time outdoors your body will know when to eat and sleep. What I like about the article is it doesn't just rant on how the outdoors is amazing for you it also provides you with things to do outdoors. It's long list of "fun things to do outside" includes: gardening, walking at a local park, sitting outside, meditating outside, etc... The article concludes with the Walters begging the readers to make time in their busy days for the outdoors as our bodies need it.

     This article has opened my eyes on how important the outdoors really is, with that I will spend a lot more time in the fresh air and greener environments. The benefits of going outside makes it definitely worth it, just by spending time outside more I can reduce my chances of some horrible diseases and conditions that take the lives of so many.
Walters, Jennipher. "Why Getting Outside is So Good for You" (2014): 3. 07 Oct 2014 <http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/wellness_articles.asp?id=1680>.

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