Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Place of Wonder Sea Kayaking in British Columbia's Queen Charlotte Islands

By: Laurie March

This article was very interesting. It talked about how you can go kayaking in British Columbia's Queen Charlotte Islands, it also talked about the Haida natives who use to in habit these islands.

 The islands are very remote and hard to travel. It is suggested that you should only go if you are and experienced sea kayak or you go with a local outdoors guide. You also need to let the Canadian coast guard know about your trip and how long your trip should take.

The Haida natives who used to inhabit the islands left many beautiful creations behind like there mortuary poles. The Haida people lived in this region almost 10000 years ago. They still provide services to people who want to come and visit this region. They camp in the area to make sure everyone respects the heritage and also to help people out in any way possible.

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