Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Don't Call it "Fun"

Article #2
Don’t Call it “Fun”- Will Gadd
Simon Christie
Rating **

Don’t Call it Fun is a fairly short work about extreme outdoor sports and Will Gadd experiences of fun while he does them.

In this work Will Gadd talks about the different types of fun while doing outdoor activities. He classifies the types of fun into three categories; actual fun is “fun 1”. “Fun 2” is the fun you realise you had after you are finished and “Fun 3” is things you  find thrilling would never be called fun to anyone but another outdoor adventure.

I did not like this work as much as some I had read in the past it does not have much to do about the outdoors itself it is more a collection of ideas that this person had about his adventures and his friends ideas. He tries to describe how he thinks fun should be described in such extreme situations.

I would not recommend this article as I did not find it entertaining and it was hard to follow the ideas that he tried to describe.

Don't Call it "Fun". (2014). explore, (41), pp.36-37.

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  1. Good honest review. Add the author to your citation.