Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Power to the Paddle -Wild Rice

Power to the Paddle
Rating ****

The article I read (Power to the Paddle) was about how people don’t pay much attention on paddles. We focus more on what canoe we want, but when it comes to paddles we grab the first one on the rack. It gave examples on how not paying attention on what type of paddle you choose can give you trouble in the future.

  The article didn't have a big impact on me, but it did affect me a little since from the canoe trip the paddle I chose gave me blisters, and was hard to control, because it was too big for me. After reading this article it has definitely thought me to pay more attention to the paddle I choose, and therefore if I ever go canoeing ever I will make sure not only my canoes is good, but the paddle I’m going to be using is good for me. The article hasn’t really inspired me nor has made me want to change my behavior.

The article was interesting, and a good read if you are looking to read about paddles, and stories about paddles, and how it can affect you if you choose one without making sure it the perfect one for you. 
- Sarah Forgie

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