Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Getting Started Kayaking - Kelly Huffman

Getting Started Kayaking  Kelly Huffman

Rating: ***

This article is a very helpful article to read to prepare for your first kayaking trip. It’s filled with great tips and recommendations on how to make your first kayaking trip more enjoyable.

In this article, Kelly Huffman talks about the easy steps to get ready for your first kayaking trip. She advises all new kayakers to practice in a calm lake, where there is not much boat traffic. She gives great advice on how to properly adjust your kayak so it allows you to have greater comfort and more efficient paddling on your trip. You can also learn how to do a basic launch. That sounds easy but there are a few steps to take to get a smooth launch. Finally, one of the most important tips indicates what types of basic supplies to bring. This includes safety equipment, proper clothing, and other essentials needed to make your kayaking experience more pleasurable.

This article was filled with great tips and advice on how to make your trip easier and more effective, gained from her own kayaking experiences. I think this article will help me the next time I go kayaking at my cottage so I am more prepared. It was very helpful in recommending the safety equipment and proper clothing and overall was worth reading because of its very valuable advice.

Huffman, Kelly. Getting Started Kayaking, 2014. [online] REI.

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