Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Run, Alicja, Run! - Travis Persaud

By Senna Koggel
Rating ****

Traveling the world by foot, marathon runner Alicja Barahona from Waterloo Ontario shares her amazing running experiences.

Alicja started running marathons in the year of 1996. Ever since then she has continued to race in different places all around the world, such as the Sahara desert and Alaska. Not only does she come out with great times, she raises money for worthy causes such as breast cancer and Alzheimers.
Alicja shares, that the long distances and extreme conditions are what inspires her to participate. Although she is always well prepared, she reveals one of her toughest challenges is maintaining body heat in extreme exposure to cold.

I particularly liked this piece because I was able to relate to it. This article has taught me new skills as well as training techniques i will be able to try. Alicja's passion towards her past experiences has inspired me train hard and consider running a small marathon, or half marathon.

I highly recommend this article to anyone seeking information or an opinion regarding fitness training or marathons.

Peraud, Travis. "Run, Alicja, Run!" Adventura. Fall of 2011 : p.8

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